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Welcome to Chesapeake Sport Pilot

Conveniently located at the Bay Bridge Airport off of US Rt 50 on Kent Island, Chesapeake Sport Pilot will make your dreams of affordable flight a reality.

  • No Medical (Sport)
  • No Distance Limitation
  • Modern Aircraft
  • Sport or Private
  • Sport Hours Count Towards Private
  • Simple Way to Return to Flying

Come fly at the largest and most successful light sport flight school in the country, the first to have flown over 10,000 hours!


Sport and Private Pilot

We offer both sport and private pilot training.  A sport pilot rating saves both time and money over a private pilot rating while allowing you to earn your wings, fly with a passenger, and have fun building experience towards additional ratings.  Earning a private pilot certificate on a light sport plane saves money compared to doing it on a larger general aviation style plane.

Now Also Offer Rec Pilot Training

For those able to obtain a medical certificate, the recreational pilot certificate offers the shortest course to a pilot certificate and allows the pilot to flight both light sport aircraft and larger planes such as Cessna 172s. Call for more details.

Industry Experts

Recognized as the leading experts in the industry, CSP worked closely with national aviation Author Rod Machado to develop Rod Machado's Sport Pilot Handbook, the only text book written specifically to train Sport Pilots.

Experienced Staff

Whether training towards sport or private our staff is the most experienced in the area. The average flight time of a Chesapeake Sport Pilot flight instructor is more than 9,000 hours!  Learn more about our experienced and dedicated staff.

Wide Selection of Aircraft

We have the largest selection of light sport aircraft for training in the country.  CSP offers ten LSAs including airplanes, gyroplanes, and soon seaplanes. 

Join the Community

CSP students don't just learn to fly, they join a thriving community of aviators.  Every month CSP students and renters are sharing their love of aviation with the community doing fun things like teaching boyscouts and girlscouts about flying, pulling planes to support the Special Olympics, and flying Santa to Tangier Island to deliver gifts at Christmas 

Concentrated Training

Interested in a concentrated course?  Let us tailor a custom training program to your needs.  CSP recognizes that each student is unique and learns at his or her own pace. As such, we never force our students to "fit a mold" but instead customize concentrated training to fit the individual  needs and time constraints of our students. Special hotel rates available for long distance students.

New! Vans RV-12 Flight Training!!!

Find out why Vans has become one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the United States when you fly our factory built RV-12. Filled with the latest avionics this bird is available for flight training and rental.

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If I've learned one thing as a flight instructor since 1973, it's that your ultimate success in flight training is entirely dependent on finding a good flight instructor. Nothing—NOTHING! —is more important. That's why I recommend Chesapeake Sport Pilot as one of your absolute best sources for excellent sport flight training. CSP's crew of exceptional flight instructors will not only make flight training an enjoyable experience for you, they'll also help you become a safe and highly capable pilot by providing you with fundamental stick-and-rudder skills as well as practical flight management skills. CSP has my highest recommendation for excellence in sport pilot flight training.

- Rod Machado, Author


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 "The exhilaration of flying is too keen, the pleasure too great, for it to be neglected as a sport."

— Orville Wright

 * Flights are sponsored and run independent of CSP by the Experimental Aircraft Association and just happen to be the same day as our open house.

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