Chesapeake Sport Pilot

Why Women Fly

An Exciting Challenge - Looking to spice up your life with something new?  You could take a yoga class, but why not try something truly exciting, full of adventure, new places to see and friends to be made?  Earning a sport pilot's license is all of this and much more.  The sense of accomplishment you feel when you complete your training, pass your exam, and take your first flight as a newly licensed sport pilot, is one few people and even fewer women have ever experienced.  It is the ultimate challenge, full of freedom and adventure.

Beauty and Romance - Pilots experience natural beauties of the earth like few others.  Whether you are skimming low over the ocean watching the dolphins leaping off your wing or flying high above the Chesapeake Bay, glimpsing the last rays of sunlight as the sun dips below the mountains to west, pilots have a unique opportunity to see spectacular beauty on every flight.  Add this to the many romantic fly-in getaways in the area, like the quiet solitude of Tangier Island in the evenings after the daily ferries have left, and you will find ample opportunities to explore beauty and romance through flight.

Civilized Travel - Tired of standing for hours in airport security lines, only to reach the front, be pulled out of line, and practically strip searched by an unforgiving security agent while the personal contents of your purse are spread across a table for everyone to see?  And who will you be sitting with?  That man with the hacking cough behind you?  Personal air travel, is civilized air travel.  No security lines, no sick passengers, no hassles.  Like traveling down an open highway in your SUV, you can relax and enjoy the trip.

Camaraderie - The small aircraft community is a very close knit and social group of people.  There are thousands of different aviation clubs throughout the United States, probably hundreds in the local area.  Many of these groups are social in nature, sponsoring fly-outs to exciting lunch spots, or lunch seminars at the local field.  Still others, such as the many local chapters of the Experimental Aircraft Association, combine community service with social events by sponsoring pancake breakfasts to benefit scholarship funds or combining lunch with free Young Eagle flights for kids.

Family Fun - Imagine the look on the faces of your daughter when you wake up one sunny morning and offer to fly her to the beach for the day?  Or to historic Williamsburg for that school report?  No more long and tiring road trips.  Trips that were once a multi-day hassle are now quick and fun day trips.  After all, with flying, getting there is half the fun!

Home Schooling??? Kids just bored with school???  When Mom flies, kids get excited.  And what better way is there to get them interested in academics than to let them experience their school work through a hands-on aviation experience flying with you?  Flying is a fun and exciting hobby which provides a real-life application for numerous subject areas including math, physics, geography, chemistry, and biology.  Put the fun back into learning.  Teach it to them through flight.

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