Chesapeake Sport Pilot
Learning to Fly is Fun and Rewarding  

Women-to-Woman Mentoring

In addition to the strong mentoring relationship that you will be entering into with your certified flight instructor, the women of CSP look after one another.  If you choose to enter our mentoring program you will be partners with another more advanced flight student or graduate who has "been there, done that" and can share experinces and support with you. You will never feel that you are "going it alone" when you join the CSP flight family.

On your first flight you will experience the thrill of climbing into an airplane with your instructor at your side and lifting off of the runway into the “wild blue yonder!” The expansive beauty of rural Eastern Shore vistas will spread out below you as your instructor guides you through the basic steps on flying an airplane.

Subsequent flight lessons will couple various flight maneuvers developed by the FAA to teach students airborne mastery of the aircraft with a fun and entertaining home study program.  Our home study curriculum is based around the Rod Machado training series.  Rod Machado is a highly respected and nationally renowned flight instructor and stand up comedian whose text is filled with pictures, diagrams, real world examples, and a quirky sense of humor.  Rod’s emphasis is on safety and fun!

Mastery of airborne maneuvers will soon lead to lessons in the airport traffic pattern.  Here you will learn to make good landing decisions, how to safely abort a landing, and how to make a landing even the pros would be envious of!  Your first solo flight, where your instructor climbs out of the plane and allows you to fly around the airport traffic pattern by yourself is the highlight of student training!

The final phase of your training will concentrate on learning navigation both by looking for landmarks and by using a GPS, and brushing up on maneuvers you previously leaned.  All of this will prepare you for a final “check ride” or safety check by the FAA.

While your instructor will be working hand in hand with you to be sure you are mastering the material presented you will still need to take two FAA exams.  The first is known as a knowledge test or “the written” and is a 40-question multiple choice computerized exam which covers the book material you learned.  The final test, the “check ride” is an in person exam administered by an FAA designated examiner.  The examiner will first sit down with you to orally discuss the material you learned as part of your training and then take a short flight with you to watch you demonstrate the flight skills you mastered.  You will then be signed off as a pilot!

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